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Brian Adams

Previous Territory Human Resources Director, Gap. Inc., Old Navy South

Kiesha is a balanced leader who approaches her work with the focus on people and analytics. Her passion for people and people development has helped Kiesha achieve results through her people. She also uses reporting and market trends to anticipate changes in the business and develops strategic ways to win.  

The strategic use of her Human Resources and Operations experience makes Kiesha a leader who can lead from both sides of the business and achieve results in a balanced way.

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Josh Heaton

South Territory Sr. Bus. Ops. Manager Old Navy

I had the pleasure of working with Kiesha over the past four years. Kiesha has incredible intellectual horsepower! She is able to synthesize data quickly, identify themes and build out a strategy to propel her business forward.  

Kiesha maneuvers her coaching conversations through questioning to help her team discover root cause. Once root cause is determined she works alongside the team to build out their strategy.

Kiesha is a strong collaborator and trusts in her business partners POV. She does not let ego get in the way and always seeks what is best for the business and the team.

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Tony Van Sant

Territory Human Resources Director  Burlington Stores, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Kiesha for several years and found her to be a consummate professional and a strong and savvy business leader with high focus on delivering a great customer and associate experience and achieving top level performance outcomes.

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Scott Aaron 

Creator Of Linked Leads Generation ® | #1 Best Selling Author | Speaker | Network Marketing Made Simple Podcast Host

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Kiesha directly. She is one of those individuals that is first class in every way personally and professionally. Her passion for helping others is clear from the moment you speak to her. If you are someone that is truly ready to up-level your life and your business, then you absolutely deserve to work with Kiesha too! 

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Robin Wilkins

General Manager Old Navy


Most people have a leader and a mentor, I was fortunate to have both in Kiesha. Kiesha was a supportive leader that excelled at intentional development. She understood the value of meeting people where they were in their development journey. She made you dig deep in touch bases by asking the right questions. She assisted in every action plan and made it very achievable. She believed in the art of following up and was the best coach I’ve had in my 26 years in retail. Most of all she believed in her people and I’m lucky she took a chance and believed in me.

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Paul Kibbe

General Manager

I reported directly to Kiesha for 3 years. She is an incredible leader with a passion for teaching and developing high caliber talent. She is a constant professional in everything she does and has a unique ability to build confidence in leadership competencies. She takes the additional time to help leaders think differently and game plan potential outcomes. Kiesha has a brilliant mind for business and a great ability to translate complex ideas into high level strategy. I can honestly say that my most substantial growth as a professional was under her tutelage. I would highly recommend Kiesha for business and professional needs. She has an amazing mind for leadership and a heart for building champions in any industry.

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Lolita Burgess

Market Trainer at Best Buy


I have worked with Kiesha for several years and her ability to help others is second to none. She has an incredible ability to listen and create a path of success as the supportive partner. Kiesha has also done an amazing job of staying connected to the industry and incorporate her vast years of experience to handle the most challenging work environments as a mentor.